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WCB Representation

If it’s really hit the fan, and you need expert Workers Compensation Board representation, then our team of expertly trained representatives can manage that for you and your organization.

You can rest assured, in knowing our team of qualified experts can handle any WCB situation in any province throughout Canada.

Take control & have peace of mind

Regardless of how many claims you receive per year, each one can impact your company in many ways. Often safety and business professionals just don’t have enough experience or information to take care of a WCB issue right now. When you hire one of our consultants, we start by making sure you have control of the situation. This is done by taking a strategic approach that gets implemented right away. Your team knows exactly what to do and gives us the information we need to address the problem and WCB. This allows you and your staff to have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands and can refocus on the work they were hired to do. 

WCB - Representation
WCB - Representation

Focus on the right information

Too much time is wasted trying to manage or appeal a WCB claim when you’re not sure what you’re doing. You focus on information that you think is important, but doesn’t sway WCB’s decisions or help return your worker to work. We ensure you only take the action that’s needed to maximize your results. We help you avoid common mistakes and guide your organization with expert precision to achieve the outcome you’re looking for on a WCB claim. 


Join thousands of professionals already controlling their WCB claims & appeals

We help employers receive millions in WCB rebates and returns across industries in Canada. Our goal is to maximize your profits through proven strategies and resources.

Why hire an expert to do it for you?

Many clients contact us because they’re upset with:

  • A decision made by WCB, WSIB, or Worksafe
  • They feel they may not be treated fairly
  • They are tired of dealing with Workers Compensation
  • They are worried about doing the wrong thing when it comes to a WCB / WSIB / Worksafe claim

The truth is many people, regardless if they are employers or workers, waste a lot of time and energy on WCB claims because of their lack of knowledge. Our job is to help you quickly decide if you should appeal the claim, manage the claim or both. Imagine sitting back knowing that all of your worries are being handled. 

WCB - Representation
WCB - Representation

Appeal a WCB claim effectively

We believe that there is a time and place for appeals, but it has to be intelligent. That means you need a strong argument, backed by policy and evidence. After 15 years of WCB appeals we know what WCB needs to see in order to make a decision in your favor. We understand how to speak their language to influence their perspective and get the results you’re looking for. If you’re thinking of appealing a WCB claim, we will ensure that the right message is created and presented to WCB that allows your company to achieve the best possible result. We’ve successfully appealed claims across Canada at all levels of Workers Compensation appeals leading to millions in premiums saved.